Dear Seeker,

The Myth: Get, Buy, Accomplish, Rinse and Repeat
Did you grow up believing that the good job, the two car garage, the wedding rings and the investment portfolio would make you happy? Would make you feel safe? Would make you feel valuable and accomplished? And are you finding out that that’s not what real happiness might be for you? Do you find yourself questioning all of it at once sometimes? It’s normal. I promise.

Most people go through phases where the outside doesn’t match what they feel on the inside. But, when that starts to weigh on you too much, it’s time to ask for guidance. And there is no shame, only pride, that comes to me when I see people taking charge in their life by first asking for guidance.

Say it with me: “Right is Relative!”
There is no “right” answer and there is no “right” situation. What is right for another, may not be right for you. And that’s okay. And you need to get to the point where you know that’s okay too. You don’t need to burn away your life to rise from ashes. There are already the parts you need to create your happiness, satisfaction and amazement in living life. You don’t have to sacrifice happiness and growth just to pay your rent. You don’t have to trade all of yourself, to enjoy the company of someone else. And you don’t need to lose your childlike wonder and rebellious spirit for the sake of “adulting”. These elements can be cohesive. They can be a permanent part of your best self.

Embrace that Nagging Feeling
A desire for more is wonderful. It’s a sign that you’re growing and ready for the shake-up of positive movement. However, positive outcomes don’t always start with positive feelings. No matter how much older, secure or wiser you become, unhappiness and dissatisfaction in your life path can sneak up on you. It can be a nagging feeling that you feel in your gut, your mind and your spirit. But it’s beautiful at the same time. Don’t try to squash that feeling; that’s what many of us were trained to do. Embrace the questions; embrace that nagging feeling. See what it’s trying to tell you.

It’s Normal, I Promise
Feeling scared and worried about opening the door to those questions? That’s normal. I see how worried and fearful people are at this stage of their lives. And I know what it feels like. I know how fear and worry seeps into other aspects of your life, such as your health and your relationships. Maybe you’re desperately trying to save face for others, and pretend that nothing is gnawing at your mind. You can’t sustain that for long. And all of the shoes bought, the vacations taken and the façades fabricated will still only stoke the fire behind the nagging.

Make A Change. See the Possibilities.
It doesn’t have to be this way. You can embrace the relief that’s waiting, you can alter the menu of your life to allow for amazing possibilities. There’s no reason to suffer for a vision of perfection that you’ve worked so hard for, but are now not entirely sure you want. And there’s a sigh of relief that can come from someone understanding you right where you are right now; and who knows how to meet you there, and help you structure a way out of doubt and worry. Don’t settle for working hard and wasting your days for a life you don’t want. Don’t mortgage your present for a future that is disheartening. Change your mindset.

Seeker! Ready?
If you’re ready to take this step in a new direction where that nagging feeling is faced, restructured and turned into bravery, inspiration, and action, then I’m ready to help you. And whether our time together is short, or extended, my goal from minute one is to focus on bettering your life into a frame of happiness and leaving you with tools to continuously make that happen. I’m flexible, I’m ready to meet you where you’re at and see how I can best help you get to where you want to be. You ready? Let’s talk.

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with love & possibilities,
~Felicia B.


At the time when I met Felicia I was a near burnt-out corporate slave! Through her guidance I was able to break free from the corporate shackles and begin a journey of true inspiration combining my passion for food with my excellence in business process enhancement. I would recommend Felicia to any woman who finds themselves at a crossroads to work with this incredible, inspiriting woman. ~ Sonja N-O, South Africa


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