Do you need to make a radical change in your life?

You’re more than ready to follow the burning desire in your heart, and yet…

You’ve been longing for things to change for a while now. Perhaps you’ve been aching to leave your job and set up a business. Maybe your relationship’s reached that critical “either fix it or leave it once-and-for-all” stage. Or maybe you’re suffocating under the weight of everyone else’s needs, and yearning to rediscover your authentic, creative self.

Somehow, though, you just haven’t managed to get moving yourself. Sure, you think about how much better life would be if things were different. You might even daydream about taking those first tentative steps. Actually going ahead and starting to take action though? That simply hasn’t happened.

After all, where would you even start? What if things don’t work out?

Hello, I’m Felicia. And helping people see possibilities is my superpower!

I understand how hard it is to change something major. Trust me, I get it. Luckily, I have a unique (and highly unconventional!) history that’s given me a wealth of tricks, talents and tools to help other people release the fears, old stories and beliefs that hold them back from creating the change they dream of.

And nothing makes me happier than guiding my clients from fear, doubt, and dread to bravery, inspiration, and action!

So I’d love to use every resource I have available to help you:

  • Transition from a soul-sucking job to your next right step… or
  • Figure out what your relationship desperately needs and then actually make it happen… or even
  • Reconnect with your creative spirit and start writing that book or develop that regular art journaling practice
If you’ve been vacillating between “It’s not so bad” and “I’m in hell” here’s how to find out more…