An Engaging Speaker

“You were so natural on stage, have you ever considered a career in show business?” ~ Cindy P., New England USA

This was a comment in an email to me about my December 2012 appearance on stage with The Monkees in Huntington, New York. I was invited to sing “Daydream Believer.” And because I like to stir things up, I made sure to hug each member of the group before leaving the stage.

While I’m passionate about my favorite group, I’m more passionate about inspiring women to stir things up in their own lives and move from vision to action to achieve their dreams. I enjoy helping women move towards the life of freedom, excitement, and expansion they yearn for.

I’ll uplift and transform your audiences to action with my powerful combination of the practical tools I learned as a former military “brat” and corporate employee along with my intuitive skills and ability to think of the big picture. I’ll intimately connect with your audiences and invite them to dive deeper into the truth of who they are.

I’m an enthusiastic speaker and I’m known for telling stories that illustrate the authentic joys and struggles of my path. I’ll ensure that your audience walks away feeling inspired to take the next aligned steps on their journeys, and feeling confident to follow their hearts and go beyond what they believe is possible.

Guided to a Bigger Life
Speaking Your Truth
Taking Lighthearted Leaps
Moving through Life with Ease and Grace
Embracing Transitions as a Path to Your Authentic Life
And many more empowering topics

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I can customize my topic to meet the unique message and audience you serve. For more information please email me at and put “SPEAKING_MEDIA” in the subject line.